When Dumb is playing out, the tracks are selected for significant purposes, they all carry a meaning or a feeling, whether it be wavy and cloudy hip hop or ug rap from a dusty vinyl, snappy and glitchy electronica, grime or dubstep. To Dumb, it's all about good music, as much of a cliché as it may be. Music with bass, music with hiss and crackles.

Dumb (born 1984) is a Finnish dj / mc, currently residing in Turku. He was raised in Vaasa where he first got into touch with the local music scene, first hardcore punk and metal. Later at the age of 15 he got introduced to the Los Angeles underground hip hop scene through dubbed tapes, and burned cd's borrowed or given by friends who each had a unique understanding of music, which had a huge impact in the young boy's perception on things and of course taste in music. At that time Dumb also started to buy more records. As a child he had settled with his dad's rather modest record collection, consisting mainly German represses of 1950's and 60's jazz, Gypsy Kings tapes and Mirelle Mathieu. Piles of cd's, vinyl and tapes started to appear and to this day music is something that determines his main affection. 

Around 2003 Dizzee Rascal and Wiley caught his ear but except buying the album Boy In Da Corner, grime didn't stick. In the meantime Dumb started messing with more and more hip hop, alongside with electronic music ranging from such labels as City Centre Offices to Merck to Zeal Records. After two years, in 2005 the flame for UK music got lit again, grime and dubstep more or less walked hand in hand back in the days and Dumb got drawn into both, simultaneously and instantly. He started practicing deejaying more seriously and when invited to join by his dear fellows Neveready and Akim they formed Bassbash, a crew dedicated for good vibes and reviving the scene in Vaasa. In December 2006 Bassbash started, first as a monthly club, and it ran under the same venue until spring 2009 presenting their audience the (then) new, ambitious bass heavy music with guests like Desto, RPK, Tes La Rok, Dead-O, Khid, Toiminto, Hereill and Itchy Robot aka DJ Shy, the founder of UK's After Dark Crew. The same year he and Neveready launched Little Things at Ravintolalaiva Wäiski and their two events headlined L-Wiz (SWE) and Estonian young guns Slin and Sam The Man. Besides Vaasa he has also deejayed in Hämeenlinna, Porvoo, Turku, Lahti and Helsinki, in such clubs as Törstdag at Kuudes Linja, Ghetto Tyylit  and Koala Movement at (late) Beatroot, and Bassment. Internationally he has played with All Out Dubstep crew in Stockholm and with Siege Crew at Subfare in Tallinn. 

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