Janne Tavi

Janne Tavi

Abandoned warehouses, original spirit, drum machines & wax are the key words to describe the 22-year-old- producer’s working weekend. With a booked schedule around Europe and the USA, Janne Tavi has secured his place in the heart of the global underground scene.

The Helsinki -born, Berlin-based DJ/producer relies his vision in the roots of contemporary electronic music.

"When I think back, for me, Techno has always been the soundtrack of the future. What I’ve always found interesting is that techno depicts the human mind; it can be uplifting, melancholic and soul- searching at the same time. Now that’s true music and the feeling I want to transfer."

Known for his stripped down minimalistic DJ-sets, Tavi embodies the hypnotic side of techno. This distinctively unique sound has led him to catch the attention of techno pioneers in the United States where he will make his debut performance in the summer of 2014. Over the past years he has taken a shift from DJing towards his own production and gotten his remixes played in venues such as Berghain and Saint Andrew’s Hall.

 “I personally like to push the boundaries of Techno as a genre. I’m just doing what I truly believe in."

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