Shelley Deeizm is a jazz, soul, hip-hop, and drum and bass vocalist with a formidable career spanning over fifteen years, performing alongside internationally renowned producers and headline DJ’s.

Honing her skills while touring with Japanese DJ and Producer 'Makoto' (Good Looking Records), Deeizm has a live presence which is only matched by her skills in studio. On the tails of Makoto’s many releases with the legendary powerhouse LTJ Bukem on the ‘Progression Sessions’ series, Shelley has toured with Makoto for over ten years, bringing her soulful but hard hitting sound and MC skills to live audiences all over the world.

Deeizm’s most recent studio work is featured on Makoto's third album, 'Souled Out’ – with her own writen and co produced song Woe and his remix of ‘Untold’, a melodic but energetic drum and bass track, reveals her subtle but powerful vocal skills. Here Deeizm accentuates Makoto’s intricate sound, showcasing the sonic cohesion gained from years of touring together.

A personal favourite is her collaboration with jazz outfit ‘Jabberloop’, where a powerful live drum and bass rendition of the same track ‘Untold’ is perfectly executed, which allowed for the expressive and explosive vibe of the following live performances. Deeizm also appears on the Souled Out Live album, a live recording of the performance alongside jazz band Blu-Swing and Jabberloop at the Blue Note in Tokyo in March 2012 and the Souled Out Remixed album.

While Shelley's vocal forté lies in jazz, soul and hip hop, her experience working in the drum and bass spectrum has gained her some notable awards, including Best Female MC at the National Drum and Bass Awards in 2011, having reached second or third in all previous years.

With her skilled lyricism and vast range of vocal abilities, her live shows are an aural treat not to be missed. She is currently performing with the infamous 70's jazz funk band ‘Atmosfear’, getting reacquainted with her drums, and working towards a solo album that promises to truly showcase her abilities.

Deeizm's collaboration with Dramatic 'Here With You' will be forth coming on Liquid V in the very near future.

This is a space worth watching!

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