New York, Tokyo, Paris, Hannover, Lisboa, Helsinki, Bratislava, Rome, Montreal, Florence, Belgrade, Zurich, Vienna, Geneve, Ottawa, Tallinn, Odessa, Riga and Barcelona. These are some of the cities which have been part of DJ Tahira’s worldwide circuit during the last 6 years.

Known in Brazilian scene for his wide musical culture and sophisticated repertoire, Tahira upholds eclectic and informative Djing based on a mixture of styles. Brazilian, Latin, Afro, Jazz, Soul, Funk, World Music, that is, anything good around the globe, modern and vintage at the same time. No barriers.

In his Brazilian side he’s a specialist, and one of the few DJs that goes through the complete Brazilian culture. His selecta reaches all the corners of Brazil, further than the samba, very known by Europeans and Americans. He goes to regional styles as well, as Baiao, Maracatu, Instrumental Forro, Coco, Pifano etc, showing in fact the complete Brazilian musical scenario, always spinning traditional and new music.

Most of the DJs who spin Brazilian rhythms go to the fashionable Baile Funk or Techno Brega or Brazilian drum n’ bass, but Tahira proves that Brazilian modern music scene produces much more than this. It’s a commitment
with good music, representing other kind of brazility and not focusing on just traditional samba, but as weel in other different regional styles, showing the real and complete Brazilian music scenario.

His curriculum has gigs at Brahma International in Ukraine and Canada. The closing of Rome Film Festival. Tokyo ́s Le Baron de Paris. The underground Nublu club, in New York. Umbria Jazz Festival Opening Party in Belgrade. Casper
Festival in Montenegro. Jazzitup parties in Tallin. Mercury Lounge in Ottawa. La Bellevilloise in Paris. Casa da Musica in Porto. The Goods party in Montreal. Nu Spirit Club in Bratislava. Vibe Bar in London. Sonar Festival in Sao Paulo. And much more.

His informative side can be checked out on his special mixes and the EBS podcast where he shows a little bit of his researches on new stuff and classics of music around the world.

Tahira runs a small independent label called EBS Diggin promoting new Brazilian talents from very eclectic directions.

As a begginer producer his music already got support by ones as Robert Louis (Tru Thoughts), Pete Issac (Jelly Jazz), Nik Weston (Mukatsuku Recs), John Warr (Afrobase), Mop Mop, DJ DRM (Bastard Jazz), M.Path.iq (We Are...On Air), Dubben, And received compliments from Francois Kervokian : “Fabulous little 7 チヘ that has been rocking my world “La Cumbia Perdida” (Tahira remix)”

It’s important to mention that Tahira, being an open minded professional, is not just a Brazilian music DJ: his researches also go to Afro, Latin, Jazz, Soul, Funk, Reggae, Disco and his DJing mixes information,
fun, eclecticism and technique. Put all these styles and characteristics in a blender and you’ll have a DJ Tahira’s set. Eclectic. Vintage and modern at the same time, without losing his roots. 


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