Flica (MY)

Flica (MY)

Euseng Seto, as flica, began in 2007. In his embryonic form, flica dabbled in a mishmash of the acoustic and the electronic, composing easy listening melody tunes for debut album Windwane & Window.

The release received an overwhelming response from Japan, which resulted in flica’s sophomore, Nocturnal, being released under Tokyo-based indie label Schole. It was during the transitionary period between his sophomore and third album that flica started delving into a darker and emotional ambient sound.

The resulting release, Telepathy Dreams, was a decidedly different approach to music making than the previous album. More focused on sound design-based compositions, the album was the maturity point of flica. This was also when he met and collaborated with visual artist Fairuz Sulaiman. flica, being a designer by trade, an audiovisual person himself, was inspired to incorporate more visual elements to his live set – creating a sensory synchronisation in sound and sight.

The latest 2013 release Weekendary, Atmospheric, cinematic, structurally orchestral, ambient, and moody. All adjectives commonly ascribed to flica’s music, and the opening of his latest full length LP, Weekendary, wouldn’t make you say otherwise. But that was before the hip hop drums come in, seemingly making a statement that this is flica with some levity. Inspired by instrumental Japanese hip hop – with the late Nujabes as the focal influence – Weekendary is the philosophy in which flica, the electronic ideologue, tries to communicate through his beats.

While still as mood-heavy as his previous release, it’s much less overbearing in its solemnness – just as a thoughtful, cleansing weekend should be; a release from the drone lifestyle of your day job, a quiet evening with your significant other, or that revelatory moment when you decide to change career path. If his previous works were elegiac, Weekendary is more cathartic, a paean to the dwellers of all the concrete and glass that make up the city.

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