Tulitauko is a reggae sound system from Helsinki, Finland with a strong focus on roots and culture music.

Tulitauko Sound System, also known as Ceasefire Sound, was founded in 2005 and has since then been determined to promote reggae-dub music and sound system culture in Finland. Over the years Tulitauko has become a five-man strong crew of producers, selectors, operators, and a mic man.

Tulitauko has been continuously developing and upgrading their custom built sound system, and today Tulitauko is widely acknowledged for its unique sound – especially for the utterly heavyweight bass vibes! In addition, Tulitauko Sound System is renowned for a distinct sound system style of playing roots and culture music, using a four-way pre-amp, siren, and effect sections in order to keep up the tradition of live dubbing and making each and every tune sound unique. Tulitauko Sound System is well known for delivering deep, exclusive selections ranging from the very roots to upfront to dubplate.

Tulitauko has organised and promoted numerous legendary events and clubs, such as Wake the Town or Embassy and has collaborated with international artists like Kenny Knots, Ranking Joe, Meditative Sound System, Culture Freeman, Bush Chemists, Disciples, Vibronics, or Mungo’s Hi-Fi to name just a few.

With their love and dedication for roots and culture music and by spreading the conscious and positive message Tulitauko Sound System keeps the red gold and green banner flying high in the dancehalls everytime!

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