Intergalaktik Sound

Intergalaktik Sound

Intergalaktik Soundsystem, shortly IGS is a Roots Reggae collective from Helsinki.

During the years IGS has become known for their outdoor sessions and through the releases on their own record label. Intergalaktik was formed around middle of 2000 when two production crews, AB-10 and Uptown Selector united their forces. Part of collective also played in live band The Suhinators through which collabration with various singers and players lead to joining of ex Cool Runnings sound members Dublifter & Jahvice and Nestori from MPV sound.

Around 2007 IGS released their first single on their own label, Leave It To Jah which even today is being played by European soundsystems in their sessions. After the first release, IGS has put out multiple 7" & 12" releases with their own and visiting vocalists.

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