Mama Longhorn

Mama Longhorn

Mama Longhorn is a Finnish-Guinean power unit and melting pot of rhythm music. During their three and a half years of existence, the band has proved to be an electric live force at many Finnish venues, including the festivals Funky Elephant, Kuudes Aisti, Ilmiö and Ämyrock.

The musical starting points of the group are afrobeat and funk, but the imagination and musical dialogue between the musicians have taken the rhythm and the atmosphere to multiple exciting directions.

In November 2014, Mama Longhorn released the best portion of their productive first years in the form of an album "Enter The Rhythm Tank" that represents the beginning of the future of organic rhythm music.

The band recorded, mixed and produced their debut album as a completely analog project, in Black Floyd studio, a top unit of traditional studio technology. The album was released as both CD and LP format, by co-operation of Karkia Mistika Records and Seeker.

Since the release of the album, the band has been unstoppable both on stage and rehearsal room. The material for the second album has already been carefully prepared, and the live shows have been filled with unchained energy, the best example so far being the magic night at Funky Elephant festival in April.

Mama Longhorn has many shows and festival appearances planned for the summer 2015, so watch out for the latest news on Mama Longhorn facebook page where the concert information will soon be available in full!

The current live line-up:
Eeva Poijärvi: vocals, percussion
Faouzy Fawaz: vocals, percussion
Olli Joukio: drums
Mikko Elo: bass
Eemeli Kontio: guitar
Tuomas Grönlund: guitar
Jukka Kettula: saxophone
Juho Nordman: trumpet
Kai Johansson: percussion
Kristian Wetterstrand: percussion

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