Joni & Ukko

Joni & Ukko

Joni & Ukko are Finnish names that can be translated to English as ”Jahve is merciful” & the Finnish version of Zeus. This is very accurate for this DJ/producer-duo who seem to produce music nobody else can make.

Since their sound is quite different compared to anything else they definitely need mercy and they are acting like gods in the DJ booth to take the authority of a military general to command the dance floor as they will.

Joni is also known as Castletics. Somebody said she saw this guy playing on same stages as Paolo Mojo and Funkagenda. It seems like he is also making music to Continental or Bronson records and some other fancy wannabe-hipster labels too. The word of mouth even tells Joni was helping a Finnish DJ legend Jay Mellin in producing Hed Kandi parties in Helsinki when he was not that old.

Ukko’s nick name Upi is a brand in the Finnish clubbing industry. Nobody is really sure what he is doing all the time but it seems like this name pops up somehow at every second club event or dance music festival in Helsinki. He might be deejaying with the likes of Danny Howells, Hot Since 82 or Jay Lumen, managing an event or hosting a radio show. It might be that he is just ”doing his thing” whatever that means.

So here we have the merciful Jahve and the Finnish version of Zeus. What kind of blissful music is this heavenly duo making together? They themselves have absolutely no idea except they know it is very original, usually has a 4/4 bass rhythm and it makes them dance to it. It might have some beautiful harmonies usually coming from Joni’s keyboard or dark tribal rhythms emerging from Upi’s history as a drummer. What more do you need to know? Just check out their Soundcloud page to enjoy something exceptional to dance to:

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