Nieminen & Litmanen

Nieminen & Litmanen

Hammonds, drums, and two dudes with an impeccable sense of rhythm and subtle coolness. They call their music Action Jazz!

Pioneers of instrumental music Nieminen & Litmanen have reached a new stage in their near ten year career, with the release of their third album cleverly entitled 'Third'. The band once again masterfully combines different music styles with their third album and thus creating their own distinctive mark in the music scene.

The Album continues the 'Hammond & Gretsch'-sound with a collection of primarily instrumental tracks, however this album witnesses an impressive list of guests including Paleface, Jonna Tervomaa and Yrjänä Sauoros.

The band started up in 2001 as a sideshow for The Hypnomen during a Scandinavian tour, however the duet decided to keep going with their own songs and now here we are today. Having done hundreds of performances around the globe (including Sweden, France, Germany and USA) and known as the backing band to Ruben Stiller's and Joonas Hytönen's tv show, Nieminen & Litmanen are starting to be quite the phenomena.

The idea that kept the duet going through thick and thin was the vision to create their own music with influences from blues to rock, reggae to soul, funk to pop, rockabilly to punk and jazz to bossanova etc. Irrespective of the short, but impressive, line up of the band, the music still manages to sound amazingly full bodied, especially live these manage to find incredible opportunities with improvisation.


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