We Jazz Loft Sessions

We Jazz Loft Sessions

The We Jazz Loft Sessions is a project co-produced by We Jazz and drummer Teppo Mäkynen.

Together, they create impromptu occasions for great live jazz, often in unusual surroundings. This time around, the context is the second edition of the We Jazz Loft Sessions in 3D concept which brings together the band and 3D visuals created by the National RGB VJs. What's more, you will receive some 3D goggles to see it through. The band in question here is indeed proposed by Mäkynen but it is actually the working quartet Jukka Perko Jazztet (Perko, alto sax / Mäkynen, drums / Ville Herrala, bass / Teemu Viinikainen, guitar). Their music will probably sound different than on the brilliant 2012 LP "Streamline Jazztet", but still also a bit like that. It will be exciting.

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