Defence is a drum'n'bass club at mbar hosted by djs Matic and Quadra, offering exquisite treats of the more melodic side of the genre.

Defence is the latest project by two guys, Matti and Mikko. During the last couple of years they've gained a strong foothold in the domestic Drum & Bass scene. As well as having a monthly night in mbar, writing tunes and constantly gigging across Finland has rapidly expanded their fan base. Having a couple of releases in the pipeline, it's certain that these guys aren't stopping now.

Deep soundscapes, fresh ideas, innovative basslines, groovy vibes and rolling beats are some of the concepts ever present in the Defence selection. As well as spinning the latest beats, Defence nods to all the old classics and mint releases of yesteryears, ensuring a versatile and an enjoyable ride in the world of Drum & Bass.

Matti and Mikko are both originally hip hop heads, but after hearing tracks like "Horizons" and "Watermelon" nearly a decade ago, there's been no turning back. Since then people have been able to witness them rocking the crowd separately and together at parties around Finland. Sharing similar influences and interests in music as well as being good friends, it was natural to for them to team-up and start Defence. Both guys are know for their strict sense of style and tight mixing, as well as being diverse djs covering different areas of Drum & Bass.

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