Hand Claps & Finger Snaps

Hand Claps & Finger Snaps

Hand Claps & Finger Snaps is the amazing disco club at mbar. Hosted by three disco enthusiasts, dedicated and devoted to disco through and through, taking great lengths to source all the hidden gems of past decades, the latest sexy jams and all your disco favorites.

Infectious grooves, double-claps, cowbells, synth basses, sustained leads, talkboxes and pumping beats are certain to make you want to dance to probably the sexiest music genre known to man. Think of pastel-colored multi-layered clothes, tall hair, big perm, blue jeans, roller skates, polaroid cameras and all the other things that made the 80's so good. Hand Claps & Finger Snaps brings you the best sounds of disco, boogie, nu-disco and disco house.

Join us, bring your best disco vibes and let us heal your disco fever,while we're doing what we love the most.

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