Modern Funkatron

Modern Funkatron

The electronic funk sounds get unleashed at Modern Funkatron.

Modern funk has rapidly become a global movement. While the scene is still taking its baby steps, producers capable of causing major head-nodding pop up from all corners of the world. From the heritage of hiphop, this new breed of producers mold together pieces of 80's boogie and electrofunk with contemporary electronic hiphop aesthetics. With modern funk's 'post-Dilla'-era producers, the spotlight on the scene is on the musicians - the beat makers.

For the fans of the modern funk sounds of Devonwho, ARP101, Dam Funk, BMB, Darkhouse Fam, B Bravo, Onra, Slugabed, Dorian Concept and so forth, Modern Funkatron is your chance to indulge yourself for some head-nodding and pop-locking in Helsinki. Gimme The Dance DJ's Apostoli & Jacedonia will wax the turntables and occasional live sets from local & international cats will be featured.

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