Sprait! - the disco infused LU therapy extravaganza - is returning from its shallow grave livelier than ever!

The Local Underground guys have always been versatile, when it comes to music they love. Although as djs they’ve mostly been aiming at dance floors, whether it’s dark and bass driven techno bangers or uptempo house boogie on the decks, their musical repertoire has always been wider than what their audience expects. This is where Sprait! comes in.

The authentic Sprait! feeling boils down to animal costumes, Total Recall aesthetics and all around fly swatter frenzy. This more than often translates to new and classic disco sounds, semi-organic tech house, bedroom produced pop of the season and feel-good classics that would otherwise be kept as precious secrets on their shelves. In other words, Sprait! is all about being unpredictable and easy to love at the same time. And now they’re bringing it to you at mbar, a place as dear to them as customers than as DJs.

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