Double Drop

Double Drop

Double Drop is a Drum & Bass based club concept which doesn't shy away from other bass and club music genres. Residents Matic & Wispy deliver the best sounds of the stylish Drum & Bass with strong international and domestic guest djs and artists.

Matic and Wispy fell in love with Drum & Bass at the turn of the millennium. Since then they have both followed the events, phenomena and releases on daily basis. Mutual affection towards the music brought them together and in 2004 they started gigging together. Well known for their skillful and elegant djing, the duo played in some of the biggest events in Finland.

Both guys took some time off and focused on their own projects in their own home cities. Recent various events gave them a chance to start running a new night in mbar. Needless to say that the duo didn't hesitate at all. Thus the decade long journey has come full circle and now Matic and Wispy are here to play the music they have always been known for doing the best. Stylish and soulful Drum & Bass.

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