Acoustic Tuesday

Tuesday 9.9. | 19–02

Tuesday 9.9. | 19–02

Acoustic Tuesday

Canadian multi-instrumentalist Mark Andrew Hamilton’s Woodpigeon is described as a repository for his musical endeavors. It is less a band but more than a singer-songwriter who operates in the folk-pop context.

Woodpigeon was coined in 2005 to shelter a revolving cast of Mark Hamilton’s musician comrades as they coalesced around his first songs. Since then, five full-length albums and at least a dozen other recordings have been released into the wild under the Woodpigeon banner.

Iku and Eppu operate in the multi-genre context with their repositories of music in vinyl format.

Woodpigeon LIVE at 20.00.

Performing at Acoustic Tuesday

This event is part of the Acoustic Tuesday club series

Acoustic music club every other Tuesday. Live music performed by artists not restricted by genres, but electricity.

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