Spectral Wednesday

Wednesday 15.8. | 19–02

Wednesday 15.8. | 19–02

Spectral Wednesday

Spectral Wednesdays introduces sound from Helsinki underground, new futuristic vibes. Summer is the time for love. End of the summer season Telluksen Seireenit hosts a band that surely loves to love by music. The live is performed by young group who call themselves Rauhan Meizzelit.

Live group for the evening, Rauhan Meizzelit, is a project from electronic music enthusiast dj BasicFace and his friends. Originally sample based tunes have now evolved to be played with live instruments. Scale of rhythm varies from dubbing to more r'n'b style. They call themselves "maestros of tropical-erotic moods". Maybe it's the beat and the heat that makes it filled with vibes, or is it just the love of music that has the thing called "sexual healing". Love of music, love of the snap of the bass slap, love of electro-organic beats... Feel the love from Rauhan Meizzelit.


The guest dj Perttu Häkkinen is mostly know for his live groups, the legendary Imartan Voima and the mysterious sets of Randy Barracuda. For Spectral Wednesdays he has selected the best and the dearest for the Sirens of the Planet Tellus to hear. Some of the goodies can be found in his radio program "musiikin lahja" on Radio Helsinki on wednesdays.

Telluksen Seireenit djs Tytti & Megatron, the lady dj's spin electronic tunes from the early era to the new scandinavian styles. Spectral Wednesdays is an evening of electronic music and friendly atmosphere.

This event is part of the Spectral Wednesdays club series

Spectral Wednesdays is a fresh mid-week club at mbar. The early evening festivities are hosted by Telluksen Seireenit (Then Sirens of Planet Tellus).

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