Thursday 26.7. | 19–02

Thursday 26.7. | 19–02


July Sabor brings you dj Tudo (BRA), a dj & music producer from Sao Paulo, who has recorded or performed with Lee Scratch Perry, Adrian Sherwood, Otto, Apollo 9, Ligiana with bands Owner Zica and Pedra Branca to name a few. His sound is a mix of afrobrazilian field recordings, beats and organic instruments. LIVE set of the night is by the ever so danceable Kuukumina! The hot latin night is hosted by Sabor djs Rideon and Melodinho.

Dj Tudo is the alias of Alfredo Bello, a Brazilian music producer who runs a record label Mundo Melhor. The label releases "field recordings" of traditional Brazilian music. He is also a much in-demand music producer who has recorded or performed with Lee Scratch Perry, Adrian Sherwood, Otto, Apollo 9, Ligiana with bands Owner Zica and Pedra Branca. Produced albums for Junio Barreto, Gero Camilo, Cérebro Eletrônico, porcas Borboletas and Ortinho (quoting a few). With Simone Sou and Marcelo Monteiro, had the "Projeto Cru", whose CD is the soundtrack to the movie by Beto Brant "Love second B. Schanberg and will track the upcoming movie by Beto Brant in 2011.

Renowned for his trips to the "discovery" of Brazil, since the year 2000, Alfredo travels the country registering manifestations of traditional Brazilian culture. Created in 2004 the label "Mundo Melhor(Better World)" with the aim of making public the collection, where has released 20 albums. All this added and mixed, there is the figure of "dj Tudo", a character marked by its particular sound trip.

This Rumba can't be stopped! ¡hasta luego! Kuukumina plays son, rumba, salsa and beyond!

Kuukumina is a 7 piece orchestra from Helsinki, Finland. Since their formation in 1999 they have been playing Afro-Cuban and World music for ever-growing audiences in Finland and abroad. Their successful recipe is very simple: Take a little bit of Son, combine it with Rumba and dip it in Salsa. Mix with Flamenco and Samba. Cooked in the Kuukupot, the outcome is unpredictable. But beware - it's always spicy!

Kuukumina's repertoire consists of original music that combines different musical styles from South America, Africa and the Middle East, but closest to their hearts is the pulse of Afro-Cuban music. It is not by accident that Kuukumina started to make Afro-Cuban music: the father of the brothers Vili and Tero, Heikki Lajunen, was a member of Septeto Son, which was the first band in Finland that devoted themselves to Cuban Son-music.

19.00 - 20.30 Sabor djs
20.30 - 21.30 Dj Tudo
21.30 - 22.30 Kuukumina (live)
22.30 - 23.30 Sabor djs
23.30 - 00.30 Dj Tudo
00.30 - Sabor djs

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Latin & Brazilian dance, music and flavor!

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