Friday 29.5. | 22–04

Friday 29.5. | 22–04


Some sunshine influenced tracks and other seasonal goodies, freshly hand picked for your enjoyment! New and classic disco sounds, semi-organic tech house, bedroom produced pop of the season and feel-good classics that would otherwise be kept as precious secrets on the boys' shelves.

The authentic Sprait! feeling boils down to animal costumes, sweet strawberry aesthetics and all around banana split frenzy. Exclusive new tracks, remixes and edits brewed in the LU labs and around. In other words, Sprait! is all about being unpredictable and easy to love at the same time.

With forever evolving retrofuturistic custom visuals.

Free entry.

Performing at Sprait!

This event is part of the Sprait! club series

Sprait! - the disco infused LU therapy extravaganza - is returning from its shallow grave livelier than ever!

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