Spectral Wednesdays

Wednesday 18.7. | 19–02

Wednesday 18.7. | 19–02

Spectral Wednesdays

In mid July, Spectral Wednesdays presents two new live acts from the sound of Finnish electronic scene. We enjoy the evening with Loft Apartment, Colonization 337 and djs Telluksen Seireenit with guest dj Perttu Häkkinen.

Loft Apartment is a duo of Sanni Pesonen and Aaro Vahtera. Their atmospheric electronic pop is a combination of dreamy vocals, wistful synths and wicked beats. The sounds are fresh, yet the moods are something you can recognize.

Sanni and Aaro met each other at the university in between psychology lessons and started to talk about music. Both had an aim to make music and something own going on: Aaro had a solo project, where he mixed up sounds and styles of many subgenres of electronic music, and Sanni made songs mainly with piano, melodic things in the spirit of singer-songwriters. They got an idea of trying to put these things together, for it'd be something new and interesting. They noticed they had many ambitions in common, like originality, liberality, and strong atmospheres, and started to make music in summer 2011 at Aaro's loft. After few months the sound of Loft Apartment had started to take shape, and their first demos had a happily surprised audience.

Live shows and songs of Loft Apartment have received thrilled feedback also from people who indicate that they "usually hate electronic music". Here's one specialty of LA: since they together have a wide spectrum of music they listen to and have played, from classical music to old school dubstep, from alternative rock to 90's dance to british electro, all the influences have something to do with their own music, and one doesn't have to care about genres that much. We can focus on the music, the original mystery, the stories it tells us. So... it's about traveling in the deep twisted forest of human mind, boat lights in the river, don't be afraid.

Colonization 337 is a collaboration with three musicians, often heard in the music scene, but rarely together with their dark, spacerock  melodies and hypnotic beats, as Colonization 337. The energy, the rituals, the dimensions, harmony, unity and beauty are the first to hit the listener when the three immediate gentleman Teemu Markkula, Janne Lastumäki and Stiletti-Ana play synthetic and organic, mindless, and intelligent music as Colonization 337. Their musical avalache comes from the strive to seek the border region of unconsiousness and consiousness. Twist of old krautrock beats coming together with melacholic and electronic vibes - that is the sound from finninsh electronic undergroud. The songs are from their debut album, released 2011, rarely to be heard live. As the night gets darker we can see the performance coming alive - it's Colonization 337.

The guest dj Perttu Häkkinen is mostly know for his live groups, the legendary Imartan Voima and the mysterious sets of Randy Barracuda. For Spectral Wednesdays he has selected the best and the dearest for the Sirens of the Planet Tellus to hear. Some of the goodies can be found in his radio program "musiikin lahja" on Radio Helsinki on wednesdays.

Telluksen Seireenit djs Tytti & Megatron, the lady djs spin electronic tunes from the early era to the new scandinavian styles. Spectral Wednesdays is an evening of electronic music and friendly atmosphere.

This event is part of the Spectral Wednesdays club series

Spectral Wednesdays is a fresh mid-week club at mbar. The early evening festivities are hosted by Telluksen Seireenit (Then Sirens of Planet Tellus).

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