Saturday 12.9. | 22–04

Saturday 12.9. | 22–04


Cosmic autumn 2015 begins with action. Risto Kujanpää (Mervi) & Olli Koponen is coming to behind mbar’s decks first time.

Olli is a common sight at both sides of the dj booth in Helsinki. He is a real music enthusiast with a exquisite taste, who's style can be described by a mix of classics with fresh house and techno. Previously he has played at various bars and clubs around the city. He started his dj career at the legendary Nolla and plays now regularly at Kaiku.

Risto is known from DJ & production duo Kingfishers, Risto Kujanpää is one of the organizers behind Mervi Festival 2015 held this year in Ääniwalli. Risto started DJ’ing when throwing underground parties with a soundsystem set up in abandoned factory buildings, beaches and tunnels of Helsinki. Eclectic record bag of his has besides Kaiku, Kuudes Linja, Flow and Turku Modern paid a visit to Dom Beat in St. Petersburg, Kultuurikatel in Tallinn and a sweaty UG allnighter in Berlin.

And second time in our cosmic history, visual command centre is occupied to Vixen Vj. She shows us colorful and bold visuals, with a splash of humor and deadly cool sense of style.

Our host Man Jorge welcomes You to enjoy best of the best techno and house music, visuals, friends, drinks. atmosphere & the system.

This event is part of the Cosmique club series

Cosmique is a club that merges electronic music and visuals. It is hosted by dj Man Jorge and vj Klaustrofobia.

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