Thursday 23.8. | 19–02

+ Media Facades Festival special events

Thursday 23.8. | 19–02


+ Media Facades Festival special events

Sabor night of the arts special! Featuring a live performance by Elmayonesa (ARG) and of course the sure shot best Latin & Brazilian selections by Sabor djs Emil & Jokakeli. Media Facades Festival, in partnership with Helsinki Festival present a participatory dance spectacle by Los Gigantes del Barrio (Giants in the Hood) and by Yukon.

Argentinian born Elmayonesa has within the last few years been creating a real buzz in the European & Latin American electronic/tropical dance music scene, which has also been recognized by bigger media like Latin Rolling Stone magazine who recently featured him in an article. Elmayonesa is first and foremost recognized as a true party starter, as he performs his blend of cumbia, dubstep, dancehall, reggae, cuarteto, hip hop and folk music.

Los Gigantes del Barrio
At the Sabor night of the arts special the audience can participate in an interactive street dance, where virtual characters follow a dancers movements by dancing in front of a camera and computer system. The dancing giants characters are projected in big size next to the mbar terrace.

The ‘Gigantes’ characters at Sabor will be representative figures of particular Latin American neighborhoods. In the course of the event they are collectively modified with body parts from participants, new props, speech bubbles and video scratching, to create endless new interpretations of the local identities.

Ykon News Transformation Agency
The News Transformation Agency is a project by artist group YKON, internationally known for their participatory projects dealing with utopian issues such as micronations and future scenario games. The project approaches the overwhelming aspect of global news as a potential platform for civic action - for local, emotional and transformative standpoints.
The project kicks of as an open workshop, at a temporary, pop-up news office at Lasipalatsi gallery. During the workshop, participants will work with YKON to filter and analyze breaking news, to transform them into ones with local relevance, remixing, visualizing and creating alternate realities. Workshop at Lasipalatsi gallery 20-22.8. 11-19.

Sabor djs - and of course you will be served the sure shot best Latin & Brazilian selections by Sabor resident djs Emil & Jokakeli.


19.00-21.30 Sabor DJs Emil & Jokakeli
21.30-22.15 YKON News Show
22.15-23.00 Sabor DJs
23.00-24.00 Elmayonesa (ARG) LIVE
24.00-01.30 Sabor DJs & Participatory dance by Los Gigantes del Barrio

This event is part of the Sabor club series

Latin & Brazilian dance, music and flavor!

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