Boom Shakalaka

Sunday 20.5. | 18–00

Sunday 20.5. | 18–00

Boom Shakalaka

Boom Shakalaka summer season opening! Djs Emil & Good Blood will be playing afro, balkan, dancehall, latin, soca and all that other sweet tropical bass.

This summer the Boom Shakalaka collective will be hosting a club at mbar every other Sunday.

The collective is known for their tropical, party oriented and uplifting selections of music from the Caribbean, Latin America and the African continent. This means, the music and mood is 100% suited for chilling or partying on a sunny terrace (=mbar).

For the summer season opening djs Emil and Good Blood, promise a wide selection of bouncing music from all over the world.

Tune in to Basso radio for an early warm up the same day from 16:00 to 18:00, when the Boom Shakalaka radio show is on the air!

This event is part of the Boom Shakalaka Festival club series

The Boom Shakalaka collective is proud to host a festival at mbar with some of the wildest club acts, representing regional music scenes from different parts of the world.

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