Laser Karaoke

Friday 31.5. | 18–22

Friday 31.5. | 18–22

Laser Karaoke

Sluggish yet bumping bass, soulful melodies, songs of love and five synthesizers playing simultaneously - that's boogie. And boogie, electrofunk, soulful disco is exactly what you'll hear by DJ Laser Karaoke.

In summers only edition of Laser Karaoke, we'll be bumping it out with another tasty selection of boogie and other cohorts in crime, from the 1980s all the way to the present day.

Dj Laser Karaoke has been utterly lost in the 80s synth heavens of boogie and disco for years and years, and that's something that doesn't seem to be changing anytime soon. So expect to hear the unexpected - and the expected!

Bottom line, if big bass and whiny synths and songs of love are to your liking, mark Friday, May 31st onto your calendar now, and get yourself to mbar between 6pm and 10pm. Fill your cup and raise it up!

Performing at Laser Karaoke

This event is part of the Laser Karaoke club series

Boogie, disco, modern funk greatness by Laser Karaoke!

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