We Are Your Friends

Saturday 12.10. | 22–04

Saturday 12.10. | 22–04

We Are Your Friends

We Are Your Friends is all about CONNECTING PEOPLE. Now that there is a lower chance of copyright issues with this expression, we can say it out loud. Our October episode is a good example of WAYF as a connection machine. We present a dj line-up from which each artist started spinning discs during a different decade. Generations!

The funny thing is, that there is very little difference between all of these guys... The love the 4/4 beat and live and love the life they have built around a thing called HOUSE.

Delta F played his first gig in 1988. The sound of that era was all about Italo Disco and Acid House. For well over a decade you could hear him play at practically all of our countries biggest electronic music events and even at legendary international venues such as Tunnel in St Petersburg and The Cross in London. He lives by the true belief of PLUR which (for you youngsters out there) is an old school way of saying Peace, Love, Unity and Respect.

Oded Peled played his first gig in 1996 in Helsinki. He was only 16, but nobody at the club knew that. 17 years later (we did the math for you and you are welcome), Oded's love for electronic music has only grown. He thinks he might have even learned a couple of things on the way. But why take his word for it, when you can simply come and listen to it yourself?

Dan Ihab is the youngest of these dudes. Eating, sleeping, inhaling and exhaling all the nightlife he can, Dan has quickly become a respected, dance floor rocking DJ. His Tech House sounds have lately moved towards a deeper, more soulful road and we are very much looking forward on sucking on his fresh blood to keep us all young at heart.

So come! Bring your mother and bring your posse... Because We Are Your Friends!

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This event is part of the We Are Your Friends club series

We Are Your Friends is a night full of quality house and loads of friends.

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