Future Shorts

Saturday 21.12. | 15–19

International Short Film Day special

Saturday 21.12. | 15–19

Future Shorts

International Short Film Day special

International Short Film Day is already held in nine countries with Finland joining this year. Join us in this special day time event at mbar! During the day you may able to see Future Shorts international set, summary of works from the workshop held by Euphoria Borealis and nominees for Kettu Short Film Award.

Future Shorts is one of the leading and most innovative short film labels and an innovative club concept which combines traditional music club and short film screenings into one event.


Dir: Andrew Hinton/ India/ 2011/ Documentary 9min
Amar is 14 and top of his class. Someday he'd like to be a professional cricketer, but for now he's the family's main breadwinner, working two jobs six and a half days a week on top of attending school in the afternoons.
This short observational documentary is a simple journey with Amar through his daily life.

Winner 2012 Vimeo Awards Documentary Category, Winner 2013 Best Mini Documentary Big Sky Documentary Festival & Winner 2011 London Indian Film Festival Satyajit Ray Foundation International Short Film Competition.


Dir: Meghan O’Hara/ United States/ 2008/ Documentary/ 7min
Experimental documentary exploring the gap between language and perception. Through parallel inquiries into cognitive psychology, linguistics, etymology, and ultimately, the commercial color industry, director Meghan O'Hara presents the viewer with a lush meditation on the centrality of color in our everyday experience.

Winner: Eastman-Kodak Excellence in Cinematography Award.


Dir: Anca Miruna Lăzărescu/ Germany/ 2011/ Fiction/ 30min
Romania, 1986: Gregor and Vali want to get away. Both need each other, yet there is mutual distrust. One night Gregor finds his doubts confirmed. In the end only hope is left.

Winner of over 70 international awards, e.g. European Film Festival of LILLE (France) - Grand Jury Prize & Brussels Short Film Festival – Grand Prix.


Dir: Kristoffer Borgli/ Norway, Denmark/ 2012/ Documentary/ 15min
WHATEVEREST is a documentary about the unlikely inspiration behind a dance tune produced by Todd Terje called "Inspector Norse".
"Inspector Norse" is the internet alias of Marius Solem Johansen, a failed musician living in a small town, producing dance videos and drug recipes for YouTube..

Winner of the Special Jury Award for Documentary Filmmaking 2012 at AFI Fest.


Dir: Cavi Borges, Gustavo Melo/ Brazil/ 2009/ Drama/ 17min
This film tells the story of Ivan, an eleven-year-old boy. He lives with his grandmother in the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro. Amidst his everyday tricks and squabbles with friends, he will mature.

Screenings: Cannes Semaine de la Critique 2010.


Dir: Nathan Gilliss, Callum Paterson/ Canada/ 2009/ Animation, Comedy/ 5min
In a forest of corduroy and felt, Bonefeather and his beady-eyed Neighbor disrupt the peace of the morning with an obnoxious mating song. They are suddenly stopped when a beautiful female arrives. Though they dance their best, they fail to impress.

Best Animation Canadian Student Film Festival 2009.


Dir: Sean Ellis/ France/ 2008/ Comedy/ 11min
Jean Paul Clement is on a business trip. He checks into the Dolphine Hotel for seven nights where we learn he has one saved message on his mobile phone and a personal dilemma.

AWARDS: BAFTA, Best International Short, Nominated 2009


Euphoria Borealis is a Finnish cultural association working in the fields of visual and audiovisual culture. We're a mixed group of young people (aged 18-35) interested in arts and culture in general, both professionals and students. The aim of the association is to encourage, develop and diversify the knowledge and making of audiovisual art. EUPHORIA BOLARIS FILMS TO BE SHOWED AT EVENT:

 City of Silence – ohj. Robert Ly
Etiäinen – ohj. Eero Tiainen
Kissajuttu - ohj. Vilja Autiokyrö
Ghost – ohj. Kati Roover
Gulya – ohj. Iiris Anttila
White Nights – ohj. Nuno Escudeiro
Ritual – ohj. Joonas Schwank
Helen Clarkin Kultainen Luuranko - ohj. Laura Jantunen ja Mira Kautto
Bloody Tunnel – ohj. Kerttu Jaatinen
Café Finlandais – ohj. Rauno Vatvonen

Kettu Short Film Award is presented Helsinkin Short Film Festival and money award is provided by national broadcasting company YLE. Winner is chosen by Outi Mäenpää and rap-artist Karri "Paleface" Miettinen.

This event is part of the Future Shorts Finland club series

London originated FUTURE SHORTS is the world’s biggest POP UP –film festival and short film network that covers over 90 countries.

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