We Are Your Friends

Saturday 1.2. | 22–04

Saturday 1.2. | 22–04

We Are Your Friends

The first day of the second month of the 14th year of the 2K will be another great night at mbar. Oded Peled has invited a couple of his favorite DJ's and friends for a head bopping and booty shaking extravaganza.

It's going to be night filled with true love for music and for the people it connects us with.

Aki A has fabulous hair. Which compensates for Oded's lack of it... But that's not the only reason he is playing this night. He is also a true music geek and loves all that is warm, groovy and emotional. We won't give his genre a name, because that is a sure way to hurt someones feelings.

Italo-Sami spreads the message of love through his great selection of discoish, houseish and positivish vibes. He also gives immaculate bear hugs, like no one else.

So let's all come together. Because We Are Your Friends!

This event is part of the We Are Your Friends club series

We Are Your Friends is a night full of quality house and loads of friends.

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