Acoustic Tuesday

Tuesday 10.6. | 19–02

Tuesday 10.6. | 19–02

Acoustic Tuesday

Born and raised in Inner Mongolia, Gangzi fuses the legacy of traditional Mongolian folk music combined with western world rock influences. His roots are deep in Mongolian grasslands but after moving to Beijing he found his way into the local grunge and metal scene.

Wearing his traditional dress and combined with his acoustic guitar he brings his combination of throat singing and drop d-tuning to the stage to amaze the crowd.

Olga Shishkina is one of the main characters in reintroducing the Russian gusli and the Finnish kantele to the music world. Her style to break limitations commonly regarded to the instruments is groundbreaking and she thrives on taking music further as she is comfortable in a variety of styles.

She released her debut album in 2010 and has since been doing her improvisational electric kantele shows as well as appeared as a guest musician with Brazilian Aeroplane, Saara Aalto and Pepe Deluxe. Her show features the open minded jazz trumpetist Mika Mylläri.

Iku and Eppu will fill in with traditional Mongolian folk music and grunge influenced music just separate from each other. Not forgetting the other folk stuff they’ve got lined up.

This event is part of the Acoustic Tuesday club series

Acoustic music club every other Tuesday. Live music performed by artists not restricted by genres, but electricity.

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