We Are Your Friends

Saturday 14.6. | 22–04

Saturday 14.6. | 22–04

We Are Your Friends

Summer is definitely here and the host of 'We Are Your Friends', Oded Peled is in a brilliant mood.

Not because he is addicted to the sun and the heat. Not only because he loves the mbar terrace so much. Not even because he gets free drinks there. But because of all of the great music and people he will be surrounded with on this lovely evening. Joining him to supply a great dose of high quality soulful house & techno will be two fun loving creatures.

Since Sushius came back from Germany, she has done loads of good shit. Played at some of the best underground parties in Helsinki, organized inspiring events wtih Entropy and most importantly, infected hundreds of people with her sweet smile and funky groove for life.

Björnsonn has been playing music for over 15 years. That's a long freekin' time and a bit surprising, because he is still as excited, dedicated and in love with what he does. He dosn´t believe in trends, just timeless music for the heart, body and soul. He says: "Playing records is the most fun thing I can imagine doing and that is why I have been doing it for so many years getting a little educated & dedicated on the way. The crate-digging, searching and feeling when you find a real gem...." Who are we not to listen to him?

So peeps, listen up! Gather your friends, pack your flip flops and come to the mbar terrace and bar for a dish of Helsinki at it's best. Because We Are Your Friends!

This event is part of the We Are Your Friends club series

We Are Your Friends is a night full of quality house and loads of friends.

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