Club Let’s Talk Nuclear

Friday 22.8. | 17–22

Friday 22.8. | 17–22

Club Let’s Talk Nuclear

Olavi Uusivirta & Radio Helsinki DJs // Club Ydinvoimasta kannattaa puhua / Let’s Talk Nuclear 22.8. mbar terrace This August it's time to talk about nuclear energy. Especially when you can do it while dancing to Olavi Uusivirta and Radio Helsinki DJs!

Why should we talk about nuclear energy then? A decision will be made this autumn whether the Russian company Rosatom will build a nuclear power plant in Pyhäjoki. Coming through, this project would cause even heftier losses to taxpayers than the now infamous Olkiluoto 3. It would also postpone the shift to renewable energy to the unforeseeable future.

Most Finns are against this project and members of the parliament are still deciding. Now is a great time to dance against nuclear energy!

The club is powered by Ydinvoimasta kannattaa puhua / Greenpeace

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