Image © Jan Ahlstedt

Image © Jan Ahlstedt

mbar internet services

mbar offers fast and reliable Internet connectivity with short queuing times – we are the longest running service in town, up since 1998.


6 iMac computers with headsets and webcams running Windows 7 Professional in English. Please see the list below for available software.

Wireless Access

mbar offers a high speed Wi-Fi connection (300 Mbps 802.11a/b/g/n) that covers the bar and the whole terrace area. Wi-Fi is available both as a free service, limited to web browsing, and a paid service with full network access.

Wi-Fi Password

Both free and full access networks are protected by WPA/WPA2 encryption for your security. The password for connecting is mbarmbar.

Free Wi-Fi

Free WLAN network access limited to web surfing. Please select the network FREE web only and use the password above to connect.

Full Access PRO Wi-Fi

Unlimited WLAN network access allowing you to download your emails, use instant messaging, etc, in addition to web browsing.

Before connecting, please purchase a pre-paid timecode card from the bar staff at the inside bar. See pricing below.

Select the network PRO full access and use the password above to connect. Then, open a web browser, and the login page should automatically appear – if it does not, please navigate to Click the Login button and enter the username and password on your timecode card. Keep the window showing remaining time open for the duration of your session, or you will be logged out.

Once you are done, click the End Connection button to end your session. Any remaining time will then be saved and can be used later.

Outgoing mail server

For your security, we recommend using your mail provider's SSL/TLS encrypted SMTP server for your outgoing mail. If necessary, however, mbar's SMTP server is also at your disposal on the PRO Wi-Fi network at, port 25.

How to log in and pay for mbar computers

Please purchase a timecode card with the desired amount of access time from the bar counter at the inside bar. Then login using your username and password printed on the card. If the login button is not displayed, open a new window in your favourite web browser to display the login screen.

Once you are logged in, keep the timekeeping window open. To end your session, click the End Connection button. When you log out, the remaining access time is usable later on.


PC computers or PRO Wi-Fi: 5€ per hour, minimum purchase 3 € (20 minutes)
Discount prices when you buy more minutes.


Laser B/W printing 0,20 € /page.
Laser colour printing 1,00 € /page.

Please pick up and pay for your prints at the bar counter. 


Domestic connectivity at gigabit speeds.
International connections at up to 100 Mbps.

Frequently asked questions

Where is the @-sign on a Finnish keyboard?
Press AltGr+2. The AltGr key is the Alt key to the right of the space bar.

How to switch to a US or other keyboard layout?
Select the language by clicking the active (FI/US/...) in the right bottom corner with a left mouse click.

How do I open a Word, Excel, or an RTF file?
Please use the Open Office software installed on mbar computers to edit Microsoft documents. It opens and writes Excel, Word, and RTF formats. We do not use Microsoft products besides the operating system. If you are not happy with the layout that Open Office produces, please use the Excel, Word, and PowerPoint Viewer programs provided.

I have wireless on my computer, but cannot see any networks
If your computer features a mechanical switch to turn wireless networking on and off, please make sure it is in the On position.

I see the WLAN but I cannot get online?
Make sure you have DHCP selected in your IP-settings. If you do, but still cannot connect:
On a Windows machine, open your command prompt and type:ipconfig /release, press enter. Type ipconfig /renew and press enter.
On Mac OS X, change to manual IP, back to DHCP and click Apply. Try also Renew DHCP. De-selecting Interference Robustness from the Airport menu might also help.
Restarting your Windows computer often helps when changing between networks if problems occur.
If you are still having problems, you might have a firewall installed on your system. This is often the case when using a company laptop. Windows XP also often has the firewall preconfigured.

Removing USB devices safely

Before unplugging your memory stick, digital camera or other USB device, please make sure to follow this procedure to avoid possible data loss: left-click the device removal icon (with a card and an arrow) in the bottom right area of the screen, then select the name of your device, and wait until the system confirms that it is safe to remove the device.

Available software at mbar

Web browsers
Firefox Web Browser
Google Chrome
Microsoft Internet Explorer

NuTTY / PuTTY SSH and Telnet client
WinSCP 3 SCP and SFTP file transfer
UltraVNC viewer
Microsoft Remote Desktop client

Productivity Software
Open Office
Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint Viewers

Instant Messaging
MSN Live Messenger
Yahoo! Messanger
AOL Instant Messenger

Media Players and Viewers
Windows Media Player
Adobe Reader

Google Earth