Stencil-series exhibition by Nadja Mikkilä

Nadja Mikkilä's Stencil-series exhibition at mbar from 8.2 to 27.2.

Nadja Mikkilä is an artistic painter from Nummela and her main subject is the female figure. Her paintings vary from pin up to classic portraits. Nadja is a graphic designer as well and she has also a degree in information technology. Apart from traditional art Nadja has done many different jobs in the commercial art field such as web design, user interface design, advertisement etc. Nadjas true passion is paint and although her subject is mostly the female form, her style varies in different forms. Apart from Finland Nadjas work has been on display in the USA and in Germany.


In my youth all the cool kids wore t-shirts with Che Quevara and I had not much clue who that guy was. I was the quiet girl who didn’t fit in. Early 2000 I studied graphic design in Hamburg and some kids did this cool stencil street art. My street art career consist of that one sticker that I once dared to place on a public place. So I’m not much of a street artist myself. My stencil exhibition however takes strong influence from street art. I love the rough surface of aging walls and I’ve created the backgrounds of my stencil paintings to be uneven and rough. On top of the abstract painting I then place a portrait. Painting portraits is something that I’ve done for over 10 years and this time I combined it with my passion for graphic design. I try to minimize the facial features into a logo style image. Even a minimalistic portrait can express a lot of a persons inner emotions.

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