Uninvited Summer Guests exhibition by Nora Helsinki

Exhibition opening of Uninvited Guests by Nora Helsinki on June 29th at 17-20 and duration 29.6.-2.8.

I am Nora Helsinki from Helsinki, originally East-Helsinki. I've been painting and drawing all my life but just in the past few years i've had the courage to show my works to the public. I concider myself as an undergound artist cause i'm selftaught and in my style of painting there is a huge impact of street-comic- and sticker art put together with a classical twist. I also mix all techniques and use aswell acrylic and spray as watercolor and paint markers.

In my paintings i try to capture the fleeting moment, grab the hidden emotions and set them free in an expression of the creature. I get inspired by the dark backyards, deep shadows, wild animals and nature, concrete walls and odd humans. I'm good w/ weird!

The "Kutsumattomat kesävieraat" (Uninvited Summer Guests) exhibition in mbar will introduce you to characters and creatures who are sympathetic and fragile. They arrive uninvited to the party, but may steal the whole show with a heartfelt appearance. In my own thoughts these creatures are the ones, who will always be there as anyone, out there in the forest, hiding under the house or standing in the dark with glimmering eyes. Those whose presence can be detected only if stopped for a moment and feel it. Anyone can see a bunny, but what if it blinked its eye just when you turned your head?

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