Calendar and RSS feeds, open data API launched

New tools to keep you always up to date

This summer brings mbar's richest event programme to date, with live or dj gigs every day of the week. To make sure you stay up to date and and don't miss your favourite artist or club night, we have released new tools to help you keep track of our programming.

Our calendar feed lets you subscribe your calendaring application to mbar's events so you always have them at your fingertips, even when offline. If you'd like to use your RSS (or Atom) reader, we've got you covered too. See our easy step-by-step instructions to subscribe right now! 

For media, event aggregation sites and app and mashup builders, we are also releasing the whole of our programme information under an open database license, along with an open RESTful API to access it. See our API documentation to get started.

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